Why Nursing Students Need A Support Team To Succeed

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Student Nurse You Got This

If you don’t already have a support team or your own personal cheerleader, start recruiting them now! You may already have one but not realised that they were already working for you. It could be a family member, a friend, a mentor or a tutor, the chances are it will be more than one person who wants to help you pass your degree.



I was lucky from the start of my degree I had my mum who was my own personal cheerleader in the background. She always listened when I needed to vent. She kept me accountable when the work got tough. She reminded me when I wanted to quit just why I had started in the first place. Just knowing that she was there quietly rooting for me was enough to get me through the really hard times.



Your relationships will be tested when you become a student nurse. They say if you want to see people’s true colours, start a nursing degree & see how many are still left in your life when you qualify. This may sound terrible and make you start to question your decision about wanting to be a nurse. But remember only those who truly care about you will be the ones left. They will be proud of you for overcoming all the hurdles to achieve your goals & pursue your passion. No one has time for fake people in their life anymore & really they are doing you a favour if they move on.



If you can, it’s a good idea to get your friends & family together & prepare them for what to expect when you start studying. Tell them you will likely have to miss out on birthdays, hen do’s, & holidays etc. because of deadlines, placement shifts & not to mention your tight budget!


You will have to spend less time with them because you are spending more time in front of a computer screen, but remind them that it is only temporary.


As hard as it is, try not to feel guilty. It’s a short term loss for a long term gain. Everyone says it & I never believed it, but those 3 years really did fly by! You will have to make hard sacrifices but they will be worth it. If your loved ones are told what to expect & what they can do to help support you, it makes things a lot easier when you need to ask for their help.



Extra support is always available at university from personal tutors and colleagues, as well as online in facebook groups and here on The Student Nurse Guide Blog. Never be afraid to reach out if you need it, whatever you’re struggling with, I guarantee someone else has already been through it & can help you.


Email us & let us know who is your support team? How did they help you keep your sanity? What did you need help with more than anything else?

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