How Amazon Prime saved my relationships & sanity.....& why you need it too!

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One of the best things to come out in recent years is the turnaround in today’s society when it comes to climate change & being environmentally conscious. The Student Nurse Guide fully supports all efforts in lowering carbon footprint, being environmentally friendly & adopting the reduce, reuse & recycle philosophy.


So why write a post about one of the largest global companies damaging the environment through excessive packaging waste and unnecessary consumerism culture?



Between juggling writing a 3000 word assignment, putting together a group powerpoint presentation, working bank shifts, getting the car MOT, & planning my daughter’s birthday party my head was fried! So when I discovered the letter scrunched up at the bottom of my bag about world book day & the required costume for school, it was enough to justify a meltdown!


How on earth am I going to find a Matilda costume ready for Friday?! It’s already Tuesday night & I don’t have any spare time to scour the shops frantically for one in her size! (It’s an unwritten universal law, if you desperately need a particular outfit in a certain size, the shop will have every other size available but the one you need.)


This is how Amazon Prime Student came into my life, like a real life fairy godmother. Bippity Boppity Boo & the right size Matilda costume was delivered to my door Thursday evening & saved me from the ever dreaded mum guilt.


If you don’t already know about Amazon Prime Student it’s a membership through Amazon which gives you free one day delivery on millions of items. You also get additional benefits such as Prime video letting you watch movies & tv series on your phone or laptop, & unlimited access to Kindle eBooks. Downloading eBooks straight to my phone helped me no end when writing a last minute assignment, & not having time to go to the library to find an additional reference to support my work!



In an ideal world you would be able to buy everything second hand which helps the environment & saves you money! But no matter how organised you are, it is inevitable you will forget to buy your brothers birthday present, or not have time to shop for your friends hen do fancy dress outfit. Having a backup like Amazon Prime Student will stop you from feeling like a terrible wife/husband, daughter/son, sister/brother, mother/father etc. & help keep the peace when family members accuse you of neglecting them!



The best thing about Amazon Prime Student though is that it's half price because you’re a student, & you can even try it for free for 6 months!


You’ll soon find that you probably saved money from not having to pay for delivery, not to mention the time spent driving & shopping. In addition you are also actually helping the environment by having one delivery driver make one trip with multiple stops, instead of multiple drivers all travelling by car to one shop.


The majority of Amazon packaging is now recyclable cardboard & last September the company announced the Climate Pledge which you can read about here. These are all positive steps in the right direction, & reassuring to know your purchases aren't excessively contributing to the problem.


If you want to be prepared in time for starting your degree read the Student Nurse Guide previous post on the top 20 essentials you will need for your degree.

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