The First Post

about Dec 19, 2019


This blog was created to help all current student nurses, people applying onto the nursing degree and those just thinking about starting their journey to becoming a nurse.


Whether you're a mature student, a mother/father, or just left home at 18 for university, I want this blog to help guide you through many common issues all student nurses face, and build a community where you can support and encourage each other through your training.



The reason I started this blog was to help and share everything I learnt about being a student nurse. I graduated from Swansea University in September 2018 with a BSc in Adult Nursing & since qualifying I have worked on an oncology/hematology ward. My time as a student nurse was easily the hardest thing I have ever done. I started my degree at 29 as a single mum to my 2 year old daughter. Before starting my course I was surviving off benefits after escaping from an abusive relationship. I share this with people to show no matter your circumstances, or your past, you can do it. If I can do it then anyone can!


I'm sure many of you have already heard "Why go into nursing, it's a tough job for little money, why don't you do something else instead?" This is why I wanted to create this space, to provide support & encouragement during the hard times. There are already too many other negative voices out there, in the media, on social networks......even friends & family. I wanted to create a positive voice for student nurses, somewhere that will build you up, instead of tearing you down!



Let me know what you could use help with? What questions you cant seem to find the right answers to? What you are currently struggling with? Send us an email and I will cover it in another post. I want to provide tools and advice that you can use & will benefit you x

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