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For me, your journey to becoming a nurse is personal!

Hi, I'm Holly and I created The Student Nurse Guide to help all current Student Nurses, people applying onto the Nursing Degree, and those just thinking about starting their journey to becoming a Nurse. 

The Student Nurse Guide provides all the practical advice to help you with not only managing University and clinical placements, but also your home life and financial matters.

Within each of these areas are a number of actions, tools and resources to help save you time, money and stress. I created this wealth of knowledge to share with you, after I struggled to find practical solutions to common issues, that many Student Nurses face.


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Resources for every stage of the journey

The Student Nurse Guide 

Pre-Nursing Academy

The ultimate guide to getting you ready for your Nursing degree. Following a unique 5 stage transformational process, the Pre-Nursing Academy will teach you everything you need to know, have and do BEFORE you start University.

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The Student Nurse Guide


Designed and written by both qualified nurses & current student nurses, these books & journals were created specifically to help you with organising and managing University, Clinical Placement and your home and family life. 

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The Student Nurse Guide


Join hundreds of other Student Nurses and get instant access in one place to all the workshops, information, support, practical tools and resources you could possible need, to not only survive but actually thrive during your Nursing degree. 

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